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Installing RandLM on Ubuntu

January 16, 2014
  1. Get RandLM source from here
  2. Installing some dependencies
    sudo apt-get install sparsehash
  3. Extracting
    mkdir -p /usr/local/src/randlm
    sudo chown username /usr/local/src/randlm/
    tar -xvzf randlm.tar.gz -C /usr/local/src/randlm/
  4. Compiling
    sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/randlm
    sudo chown username /usr/local/lib/randlm
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/lib/randlm
    mv aclocal.m4 aclocal.m4_
  5. Installing
    make install
    cp hadoop/m_compute_ngram_counts_batch /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin
    cp hadoop/r_compute_ngram_counts /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin
    cp hadoop/m_compute_ngram_counts_batch /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/m-compute-ngram-counts-batch
    cp hadoop/r_compute_ngram_counts /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/r-compute-ngram-counts
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/buildlm /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/querylm /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/m_compute_ngram_counts_batch /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/r_compute_ngram_counts /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/m-compute-ngram-counts-batch /usr/local/bin
    sudo ln -sfn /usr/local/lib/randlm/bin/r-compute-ngram-counts /usr/local/bin

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